I’ve worked with Emily for going on 4 years now.  I started seeing her when my daughter was showing signs of developmental delays.  Within two weeks of seeing Emily, my daughter started talking and walking.  It was at that point I was a believer.  Emily is so great to listen to you and also explain what she is doing.  Emily has seen all of my family for multiple reasons, some of which are: focus, bed wetting, anxiety, gut health and even for (acute) sicknesses.  Covid has brought about a lot of change, not all of which is great, but one thing that was brought about I could not be more thankful for: Telehealth.  While there is nothing like an in person appointment with Emily, to have the ability to still see her when she is all the way across the world is amazing.  From the very first day I met Emily, she has shown me that she cares so deeply for my family's health.  Emily does not have a desire to “treat" my family forever, but to empower us with the knowledge we need to allow our bodies to actually heal.  I choose to continue seeing Emily via Telehealth, because whether I am in her office or across the world on a screen, Emily leaves me feeling empowered and capable of managing my family's health.  I also continue to see Emily, because I see results with what she gives me. I am so grateful for Emily and all of her knowledge, and for the fact that even though I know I could go somewhere else I don’t have to.


Miguel is 15. He was born blind, diagnosed with Autism at 71/2 and epilepsy at 14. There are many other diagnoses, including Anxiety. After the third treatment (with Emily) I started to see significant changes and improvements (in Miguel). He was less anxious, able to sit quietly for long periods without any disruptive or inappropriate behaviors. He starting tolerating auditory input, like emergency alarms. He used his Brailler for a solid hour. His eye which normally remained close, started to open up. Others, including his Dad, friends, teachers and therapists observed more calmness and less anxiety or inappropriate tendencies. He was able to stop using his anxiety medication. 

We have used many forms of therapies, past and present-OT, PT, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, horseback riding, Music, SLP, massage, ABA, natural supplements and essential oils, but Emily is Extraordinary!! Knowledgeable, caring, dedicated, PATIENT, and always ready to come to the rescue. 

I feel fortunate and have recommended her treatments to other families.


Emily is truly a miracle worker! After complications from a hernia surgery, I was left wheelchair bound and in intolerable pain. My femoral nerve in my right leg had been damaged and I could not lift that leg at all. After just two treatments, my horrible pain was gone and I was able to walk out the treatment room under my own power. I had been living with a ton of stress and fear that my paralysis was permanent, but Emily’s healing hands saved me from a lifetime of misery. I was able to stop taking all of my pain meds and discontinue physical therapy, neither of which were giving me any real relief. I highly recommend Emily’s services and I am so grateful for all she did for me.


My family and I have had the opportunity to experience Telehealth appointments for a variety of needs (ie chronic issues, flu/virus, bladder infection).  At first it seemed strange to only listen and do treatments ourselves but we all had great experiences and saw results within 24 hours.  Emily is very thorough, just like during in-person appointments, and even sends videos and pictures to better show how to do a manual treatment.  I was even able to treat my daughter’s bladder infection via a Zoom call and she quickly recovered! 

We will definitely continue to do telehealth appointments when necessary and are thankful for the option during this time.