Healing Can Happen From Any Distance…

Location shouldn't stop you from getting your family's healing started!

Supporting Your Health Needs No Matter Where You Live

Emily’s ultimate goal for clients is deep healing. She equips clients with the knowledge and tools to confidently take charge of their own health by educating them in techniques they can safely implement at home and helping them connect with their innate healing power.

Emily works with clients all over the world in virtual sessions that include detailed individualized programs and a combination of effective healing can heal at any distance.

Step 1 Contact Emily for a free consultation to find out if Good Beginnings is right for you via email or Whatsapp +64 272554747. You will be asked about your child's birth and medical history and what programs you are involved in now. If you are ready to start a home program, we will schedule a first visit and you will be emailed intake forms and appointment reminders.

Step2 In preparation for your first visit, the technology has to be in place. Children do not necessarily perform on demand during live sessions. Technology, especially pictures and videos, allows Emily to know what child is doing, even if they won't do it during a session! You will need:

  •  Jane (Emily's office software) for securely completing your intake forms, seeing your documents, paying invoices and for some telehealth. You will be sent a link for this by Emily.
  • Zoom- this is useful, especially if you want to record your sessions. Children may or may not participate during live sessions. Recording allows you to see your lesson when your child is ready to cooperate. 
  • Whatsapp or Signal- these are secure apps in which we can exchange pictures and videos. You will send pictures and videos of your child. Emily will send pictures and videos of the techniques you will be at home for the week.

Step 3 Send pictures and videos of common movement and postures for your child. Movement tells us a lot about how the brain and body are working and what to do to improve it. 

Step 4 Attend the first appointment. We will review your documents, videos, pictures etc and talk about how they relate to health and development, and what we need to do to improve. You will also get your first lesson in child massage. This massage will be the foundation of your wellness program. Usually it is a massage to improve digestion. 

Step 5 In subsequent appointment your coaching program will include acupressure, kinesio-taping, and activities for you to do at home to support your child. You should expect to spend 1 hour on appointment days and at least 20min each day between appointments on your program. 

Step 6 Enjoy your program! Generally both caregivers and children enjoy the wellness program. Caregivers appreciate helping their child feel better in a tangible way. Children love massage and tape. They often ask for their massage or prefer to leave their tape on as long as possible.